Kona Classic tournament

July 18, 2015 by Brian Schumaker

Trip Info


This has been a very exciting morning. We started off the day with what is called a shotgun start for the tournament that is where everyone starts in front of the marina and we all race offshore to get to where the fish are hiding! Within 30 minutes of putting the lures out we caught a 120# blue marlin! About one hour later we had another Marlin about 200 pounds came up and ate the long rigger behind our boat as the crew was clearing lines to chase after the 200# blue another fish,a much bigger fish came up and ate the long corner this fish looked to be about 6-700# it fell off the line but it stayed with us we got it to eat three different Lures but never did get a hook into it we are still fishing for it as I write this hoping it comes back again!!!

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