Wet & Wild

July 10, 2015 by Wickus Nel

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We get up in the mornings never knowing what to expect the day when we go fishing. How willthe weather change? Will we get fish today? Will they rise? What lures do I start with in the morning? When, what, how - these are just some of the questions racing through our heads, well at least mine.

So Friday morning was no different, while driving through to Harbour Island, Gordons Bay. Knowing that we would get a small hiding in the morning with easterly winds of between 17-22 knots we start our 50nm journey to the deep.

And so it was, a wet and wild rough ride, but this is fishing and we love it. Reaching our destination I start with our spread and it was within 2 minutes and the first rod was vas. A day starting like this, what more do we want. Nice size longie landed on a Yamashita.

Unfortunately it was one of those days - quickly out of the blocks and then the long dry period. It was about two and a half hours before we landed our second fish and then quiet again.

35 minutes after the second fish was landed we spotted two killer whales in our spread and the next moment the ocean became alive all around us with dolphins and pilot whales. I t was an amazing spectacle and 10 minutes after that we had a frenzy of Tuna breaking loose and it was fun times with rod and reel. At about 16:00 we called it as we had over 50nm back home to do still.

Weather looked little better and the ride back home was much more pleasant. In the end it was another stunning day at sea again.

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