End of May Fishing Report

May 23, 2018 by Steve Veloso

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The Catch
Salmon (Chinook)

As our first month of peak season comes to a close, we truly had some of the best and most consistent salmon fishing in years. Most of our charters limited out with only a handful of missed bites. We have noticed the size of fish is much larger this season then normal, it makes for some great fights. As many of you know, my family is also big into commercial fishing and my dad is currently fishing salmon on the West Coast. The Comox Valley area has had more consistent numbers, outfishing my dad on a daily basis.The price for salmon is $15 per pound. That means a 10 pounder = $150.00, which is equal to the cost per person on a half day split with four friends and double the limits!. We also frequently see Campbell River guides running over an hour to catch some of the Comox Valley fishing action.

We only had a few full day charters in May. Bottom fish was slow, producing only snappers in a few hours. This hasn’t been a big focus this year with the excellent salmon fishing. As we move into the next few months and full day charters increase, I’m sure the catching will go up. We have been checking the crab traps frequently and it seems the male keepers haven’t really moved in or they are hiding in the sand for moulting season. We are hoping for their return any day now. Remember to follow my Facebook page Island Pursuit Sport Fishing I post everytime I go out hit or miss!

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