Past few days were great

July 17, 2015 by Sidney Silberberg

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This past Thursday I took Ken out. We headed out at 7 AM sharp Ken had asked me for a tour of the lake and that’s what we did first. We went to the Narrows then the ranch house all the way to the stumps and then the vineyards which were under water two weeks ago and now are part of the shore line. We headed to the boy scout camp which is past the bridge and we started fishing in the trees. Up to now no fish and the water was less then one foot visibility. I decided to go where the water was clearer and deeper which was by the Big Island and we started catching bass. At the end of the day he had a nice limit with bass up to 4 pounds (see photos). The next morning at 7 sharp Lawrence and Pete headed out with me . We started catching fish almost instantly. When Lawrence caught a fish Pete netted it and vice versa . We had limits (see photos) so we took a tour of a few spots on the lake that I know they will like to fish in the future in their boat. As we were starting to head in for the day I couldn’t start the main motor. I turned to my back up motor and it would run for about twenty feet and die not good!!!! I got hold of the sheriff and they came out and towed us in. In case of emergencies we are very fortunate to have the services of the sheriff’s department. Luckily I only needed a new starter which was repaired that afternoon and I was able to use my boat Sunday with Mark and his kids Akiva, Yakira and their friend Zusya. We started to troll and the kids wanted to jump in the water because it was very hot out. Since it was so hot the kids wanted to stay in the water so I decided to go to the Monticello Ski School and let them swim in a safe and enclosed area if no one objected. When we got there it was Kid’s Day and Lucy invited the kids to stay and participate in all the events. Needless to say they had a fabulous time (see photos). ‘til next time…good fishing!!!!!!

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