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Captain Kenny Busick and Dragon Win!

July 25, 2015 by Kenneth P. Busick

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Good morning guys, Captain Kenny Busick here in La Paz, B.C.S. Mexico this morning reporting for The One Baja.  This is my Cabo fishing report and my La Paz fishing report for the week ending July 25th, 2015..  Last week was a pretty interesting week with some very serious lows and then one BIG high to finish up the week.  Hurricane/Tropical Storm Dolores was a threat during the beginning of the week.  When the weather got to Cabo it seemed to come in and completely shut OFF the fishing.  Some days, EVEN if the fish show up no matter what you do they just won’t bite. The water looked good, the temp was good and Samurai had been red hot for a week straight.  We had multiple Marlin on days when people were reporting that the fishing for their boat was slow.  I fished 2 days straight in good areas where I found the bait and metered big fish, but they just would not bite.  This is why they call if fishing, I guess?  Anyways at the end of last week I headed back up to La Paz.  This was to be the very FIRST Tournament entry for TEAM DRAGON VIP.  Dragon has always been a lucky boat for me!  It seems like she always seems to raise BIG fish! In early May I raised a 660 plus pound Blue Marlin outside of the Partida Area and had the fish on for about an hour and a half.  This BIG fish ultimately broke free after a very intense battle.  Coming into the CFE Tournament, I liked my chances for a good performance.  I have been praying and working hard for a tournament victory.  The night before I barely slept at all because of the anticipation and the excitement of fishing DRAGON in her very first Tournament.  We had lines in the water and were fishing with our full tournament spread near Punta Coyote by 7:30 AM.  I began working just outside the harbor mouth and was working the ridge, from Punta Coyote down to Cerralvo.  I was planning to make my move South to Cerralvo and then outside to the Charro and Faro banks.  From the outside banks my plan was to work my way up to the Partida area and finish out our day.  It was a good, solid plan that would put me in all of the best fishing area’s in La Paz.  I needed a BIG Marlin and I had a good plan.  On the big day, the game plan flew right out the window,  No one told the Marlin about my plan!  Just shortly before 8 AM a good sized Marlin decided that it was time for breakfast!  I was barely 4 miles outside of Punta Coyote!  I first saw just a dark flash of something but not exactly sure what just beneath the surface of the water and my lures.  This flash caused me to put down my breakfast burrito, which I was about to eat. Sometimes you just want a fish so badly that you think you see things, but they aren’t exactly there.  I looked more closely down into the spread and saw another flash of a tail cutting beneath the spread and this time I knew it was for real… possible doubt!  I yelled to my long time Amigo and deck hand Lorenzo “Marlin, Marlin, Marlin!”  All of a sudden the Marlin came up out of the water, up on the surface and began to chase down the lure in hot pursuit of my short corner. Lorenzo jumped immediately on the rod and reel.  Lorenzo got to the rod and reel even BEFORE the Marlin could make it’s first strike.  The fish came at the lure with a very aggressive attack and got hooked up on impact.  There was no way there was going to be a second attack.  Lorenzo had full control of the fish and had the rod and reel in his hand as the fish turned and started running.  Lorenzo was pumping and winding and the fish fish was off and running!  As soon as the fish knew he got hooked up with us, it changed direction and began to chase down the boat at full speed leaping and jumping straight at us!  That Marlin was making a great effort to shake the hook as he charged at us.  Then without notice the fish turned away from the boat and began to quickly peel the rest of the top shot off the reel.  Our first Tournament Marlin for Dragon was quickly through the Top Shot and into the Spectra backing in less than 30 seconds. It was one of the most exciting attacks and aerial displays I have seen in a while.  I have posted a video of this attack to my Youtube channel:  T1Baja.  I am very grateful for the opportunity to be of service again to the guys at CFE in La Paz.  I am standing by to serve you.  I would love to put you and your team on the podium and in the money for your next tournament.  I believe that Dragon and Samurai and my crew have the right stuff to get the job done for you too! Your fishing dreams can be a reality today.  Reach out in faith and make a step forward to your dreams.  Thank you for stopping by and reading my report.  I am Captain Kenny Busick, for The One Baja and Fishingbooker. Tight lines and God Bless!  Let’s get ready to fish em up soon!

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