Miami Tarpon

April 30, 2015 by Mo Estevez

Trip Info

The Catch

After a few days off due to engine problems and severe weather I was back on the water today with Adam and wife Lee from N.Y. Last time Adam and I fished he caught a trophy 35lb permit and today the goal was tarpon. The weather was still iffy but under dark skies and brisk breeze we headed out. About an hour into the trip a big tarpon comes up to one of our baits and takes a swipe at it but missed the bait. As the tarpon activity around us dwindled and the wind increased we moved to another spot that proved to be the winner. Less than 10 minutes after setting up Adam’s rod goes off and he’s on to a nice tarpon. Thirty minutes later we had the leader release and 10 minutes after that we had the photo op with Adam’s first Miami tarpon.

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