August 10, 2015 by Randy Rode

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I recently came back from a trip to the South Coast of the DR to check on my favorite project these days, overseeing the design and construction of our new, totally custom-built sportfishing boat… be called VAMOS…which means “Let`s Go” Spanish.
We have custom-designed this boat from the very beginning, building in features that are impossible to find in any other boat in the country. The heart of the marine electronics system will be a Furuno model 295, a beast of a commercial depth finder, capable of reading the bottom at a depth up to 9,000`, and discriminating bottom fish at depths of up to 3,000`. This will be an important feature of the new fishing machine, as we will be targeting bottom species, including vermillion snapper, yellow-eyed snapper, mystic grouper, warsaw grouper and queen snapper, amongst many other species that live in very deep water. The technique will be to fish the bottom with electric assisted reels, while drifting live baits around the various fish attracting devices, FADS, we have placed within our fishing area
Live baits will be contained in a very spacious 80 gal. self-circulating livewell, which will be partitioned into two compartments for different species of bait fish.
On the customer comfort subject…...we will be able to accommodate more than six anglers and crew on the spacious interior layout. The 30` length and 8 1/2` beam leaves plenty of room for fishing and spectating. An under-the-console marine toilet completes the list of amenities to be offered by this well thought out sport fisher. Stay tuned to for more up-dates on this highly specialized boat, designed with our specific fishing techniques here on the North Coast in mind. Our made voyage should be around the first of the year 2016, and pricing will be very affordable, due to the fact that the boat is designed to be VERY economical, hence we will pass our savings on to you, our very important fishing customers.
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Capt. Randy Rode
USCG Capt. for 45 years
Rio San Juan
North Coast
Dominican Republic

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