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August 11, 2015 by Tony Zain

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Hi everyone!  Sorry for the length of time in between fishing reports.  I had a family vacation and I was out of town on some other boat work.  Now that I am back in action the fishing is as hot as the Miami sun.  Reef fishing continues to produce snapper and an array of other fish.  Offshore the sargassum weed has shown up in huge amounts.  And this can only mean one thing!  mahi!  The mahi fishing has been great the last week or so.  Not that many big fish around, but good numbers of 25 to 30 inch fish, with the occasional 20 pounder.  Also last week while fishing for mahi, we hooked into a estimated 150 lb blue marlin!  We caught him on a ballyhoo trolled way back behind the spread.  We are using light trolling rods and reels.  Shimano tld 15 with 25 pound test.  The fight lasted and hour and a half.  This was my first blue marlin ever hooked and landed in my life!  I know it isn’t always kosher to take these fish out of the water, but in our excitement and being my first ever, we took him out of the water to snap a couple of pictures with my clients who helped.  We all took the rod for a while during the fight.  After a 20 min revival keeping the boat in gear, the fish regained his strength and swam back into the depths!  I have also posted a couple of pics of all the mahi we have been encountering with my go pro.  Lets get out and catch some summertime mahi!!

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