The Monster that got way!

July 21, 2018 by Bubba Bedre Alligator Gar

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Here’s a crazy story from yesterday’s trip. It was about 1:30pm and heat was cranking up on the hottest day of the year. We was set up in a heavy school of rolling fish. And had 4 rods out the back of the boat rigged up conventual with cut bait. As we sit in the heat under the Bimini Top try not to dehydrate and realizing that the bite is off I thought it would be a good time to cast a few lurers to try and trigger a reaction strike. About the third cast with the PENN 975 bait caster the 1oz Rattle Trap come to a abrupt stop.  I automatically assumed I snagged a log with the oversized 4/0 Trokar hooks that I have replaced from the originals that come on it. I loaded up the rod and put a lot of pressure on what I thought was a snag.  After a few seconds of watching the rod tip for movement I noticed the log I was snagged on was actually moving down river.  After reassuring my self this was not a tree but a really big fish I decided to set the hook.  I give the rod three good yanks then all hell broke loose.  This log atomically turned into a south bound torpedo headed down river ripping drag from my reel like nothing to it.  We quickly reeled in the four rods we had out with bait and pulled the anchor to catch up with the fish that at this point was allready 100 yards down river. The client took over fighting the fish as I navigated the SeaArk down river through the stumps closing the distance. Once we got back on top of the gar ,the fish preceded to drag my 22’6” boat up river and into a tree where I then took over trying to get this monster out of tree.  That’s when she surfaced for the first time and we actually got to see what we have been tangling with for the past 30 min.  I can tell you this.  She was every bit of a 8’ 200lb alligator gar.  There was no stopping , turning, steering, slowing down or any type of control over this fish.  She simply went wherever she wanted. After a good 30 min fight it finally come to a end when the rings connecting the hooks to the rattle trap give out and the lure come back empty handed with no hooks.

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