Fishing Frenzy

September 01, 2019 by Taylor Rahn

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Whats going on gals and guys captain Taylor checking in with a weekly report. Fishing has been very consistent in a great way. Lets talk inshore to start; reds, snook, small tarpon and trout have been on fire. This means your going to catch fish no doubt about it! Fishing with live bait (greenbacks) means im giving you the best opportunity to absolutely catch a ton of fish! The days have been sunny the tides are moving and the stars are aligning. Moving to the reef trip this is a great trip for people that want to take home some serious meat! If you want to shop at the grocery store in the gulf of Mexico this is your trip. With snapper grouper cobia kings and more the bite is great. Were fishing spinning tackle on the bottom as well as fishing flat lines off the back for those more pelagic swimming fish. I do this all the time on the reef trips to cover our basis and give us the best shot to crush the fish! If you want to book with a guide who actually cares about giving you the best experience possible as well as building a relationship for the future look no further!

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