St. James City Fishing Reports

Tarpon everywhere!

August 22, 2015 by Shawn Waite

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Windless conditions at first light leave the water looking like glass making it easy to see all of the feeding activity going on all around. It starts with little dimples at the surface from small baitfish as nervous schools work their way along. Then there’s a splash as a larger fish slashes through the school. First it’s one then another and soon there is a frenzy of feeding activity. Birds from far away are able to spot the activity and are soon in on the action crashing down on the bait from above. It seems everyone has come to crash the party. Ladyfish, trout, jacks, bluefish, spanish mackerel, mangrove snapper, sharks and more are attacking from below. It’s a really cool show put on display by Mother Nature. Tarpon can be seen lazily rolling nearby at a much less frenzied pace…until hooked. Then another show starts with plenty of aerial displays and long drag screaming runs. On Saturday all of the fish mentioned above where caught including 2 tarpon and a 6 foot bull shark by 10am. Then off in the distance I saw my brother’s boat was hooked up with a tarpon that was putting on a show. It jumped and jumped and jumped some more as we idled over. We snapped a few pics boat side before it’s release then called it a day. Another great day on the water!

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