September Fishing Forecast

August 24, 2015 by Matt Bellinger

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  September is here, the kids are back in school and its still Summer!  To top it all off, Islamorada and the rest of the Florida Keys is going through an amazing streak of great fishing.  We’ve been on a roll Offshore and the Inshore/Backcountry action has been strong as well.  Just when you think that the Dolphin run is going to peter out and get into that schoolie run of fish another push of Summer Slammers in the 20-30 pound range show up in the mix. 
  The great diversity of our fishery will allow you to go after several species in a single day, you can go Offshore and then switch directions and end up in knee deep water in the Everglades all in the same boat.  The calm weather of September allows you to do this easily and with proper planning it can be very fruitful.  A skiff or bay boat will do the job on a flat calm day with just a few precautions taken, a few extra items will make the day a safer one.  Communications gear aside from a cell phone is first on the list, you will need an good VHF radio with some range, an EPIRB can be a true life saver if you really end up in dire straits and don’t think that your cell phone will help you offshore.  Cell phones fail just about when fishing gets good.  VHF radios work if the boat you are calling on the horizon has its radio on, so an EPIRB that will send your vital information of your boats location and your name to Coast Guard crews that can assist you. The great thing is that these Emergency beacons are cheap now and simple to use.  There are satellite phones too that will allow you to make a call for help as well.  All they other precautions like float plans and normal safety gear along the lines of flares and smoke are on the boat daily, consider a battery powered flood light as another layer of safety too, nobody plans on being out after dark but if it happens do to break down that light will help searchers locate you. 
Enough of the serious stuff!
Snook season opens on the first of September and runs until December first here in Monroe county and the Florida Keys.
  Snook are found all over from area bridges to the far reaches of the Everglades National Park and they eat w wide variety of baits, lures and flies.  Pilchards, pinfish, shrimp and ladyfish chunks are my favorite Snook candies.  The deep moats around the many mangrove islands out back are a good starting place to look.  Run out channels offer plenty of fishing chances as well, look on the last of the falling tide and the first of the incoming and target where drainage ditches join the main channel as these are likely ambush points where snook, reds and trout will be looking for an easy meal.  If you can get up on a flat look for pot holes and where the flats run along mangrove shorelines.  Whoops! The cats out of the bag, basically if you are looking to catch fish in the backcountry the above gameplay will put you on the bite…. if the fish are there and willing to bite.
  The long story short to all of this is simple, your chores, your yard work and honey do lists can wait, grab you significant other and get to a boat or a shoreline and throw a hook on a line ut on the water and see what happens!
Go Fish! 

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