Tampa Fishing Reports

Upper Tampa Bay

August 22, 2015 by Sean Signore

Trip Info


Capt. Charlie Howell and I decided to do some fish finding in upper Tampa Bay this past Saturday. The waters way north into Tampa Bay are still a bit tea colored from all the rain in the last month. This makes it pretty hard to find white bait. Head south to find bait then head back north again to enjoy unlimited amounts of keeper size redfish. We were able to find fish on almost every flat. Just look for the movement and disturbances in and on the water and push pole to get in front of them. We found that the trolling motors will keep them just out of casting range. Keep calm and let them come to you . As they are passing by cast about 10-20 feet in front of the school and hold on for the fight. We enjoyed many double hook ups and were very happy that all of the fish were upper slot. Most fish were caught in 1-2 foot of water and the water temperature was an alarming 92 degrees but that did not seem to bother these fish. Good luck and tight lines for all.

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