Top Gun Long Fin Showdown

July 29, 2015 by Wickus Nel

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After a great trip 10 days ago, Piranha Group is at it again. Its 6am on yet another cold winters morning and we are met by an awesome bunch of flight instructors from Langebaan, team Top Gun: Mark – Katana, Shaun – Dexter & Mark – Saracen on a very quiet Millers launch site.
After a bit of a battle with Millers slipway & low tide we get Fish Tales in the water & off we go on our 35nm journey to the canyon.

The previous day’s SST showed that there is a warmer band of water on the way to the canyon which was around 15.8degrees & after seeing quite a few birds circling the area we decide to put our lines in about 9nm off our destination. In the spread we have: STB long: bird with daisy & white and pink squid & long rappie, short rappie, middle: daisy with brown squid, bungee. Port: long small bird with daisy brown & white squid, short & med rappie, bungee.

We have no luck in the warmer water so start moving towards our destination passing Stern Trawlers on the way but still nothing.

As we get to our numbers & start working the area we get a 4 up & chaos breaks loose with everyone running to the rods, 1 fish gets loose from the bungee but the other bungee & two rods stick with us landing our first 3 fish. Morale is up & we think that now it’s going to be like this for the rest of the day, but this was not to be.

We kept on working the area & got a hook up on the small bird with daisy chain. (This is no ordinary daisy as we are testing some of Fishing Addicts ( waterproof LED lights inside the squid).

After this it went quiet for a while & I start working to a different area when all of a sudden the port side rapala gets taken by a monstrous long Fin, duly dubbed a “manbearpig” by Wickus. Mark (Katana) grabs the rod & starts to battle it out with a catch of a life time, after about 20min the #manbearpig shows itself behaving much like a yellowfin & making deep circles under the boat, as it comes closer we see that the rapala is not hooked very well & I take the first chance I have to gaff it & get it into the boat. There are cheers all around & we are all amazed at this massive long fin. Mark has a new PB that is going to be hard to beat on Long fin, weighing in at 30KG!!!

After this it went quiet again & I started working back to our previous area where we caught the first fish with yet another triple up of decent 20kg size longies with one of the rods being a left hand outfit, taken by Mark (Saracen) & afterwards dubbed “a left hand torture device”. With good fish showing on the #Raymarine Fish Finder we decide to try a bit of baiting. Unfortunately the blue sharks are such a nuisance that we are unable to get a hookup with longvin swimming right under the boat.

Back to trolling & another rapala gets eaten with the reel screaming, this time Shaun (Dexter) takes the rod & battles it out with his PB long fin of 26KG, NICE!

With one long fin coming out here & another there we decide to call it a day & start heading back to Millers Point.

In conclusion this was just another example of how you always need to adapt & change lures according to the conditions. On our last trip we had most of our strikes on the bungees & the top water lures. This time round we ended up putting more deep water lures in with only one colour really producing the fish. The fish were mainly sitting deep, between 50-100 meters with majority in 60m water & the odd ones in the 10-30m water column where we actually had a chance to raise them. Again all the tuna had chokka in their stomach.

Thanks team Top Gun for joining us & sharing in one of our adventures in the #Capetown waters.

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