Big Black and Great Blue Marlin Action!

September 01, 2015 by Kenneth P. Busick

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Good evening guys, Captain Kenny Busick here at home tonight with my family in La Paz, Mexico.  This is my Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report for TheOneBaja and   The boys and I finished up a pretty good run last week on Saturday.  We were fortunate enough to work 7 of the last 8 days from Cabo.  The fishing was kind of up and down as it can sometimes be in Cabo. One day the Marlin fishing would be absolutely shut down and then the next day the fish would be biting and coming to the boat pretty good, but not great.  By the end of the week the blue moon was going and our boys from Texas had timed their trip just right!  Our VIP Team from Texas arrived at Samurai at about 11AM and we were on the water and fishing by 11:30AM.  I highly recommend for any one of you thinking about coming to fish with us to make sure you work out the timing of your trip with us, BEFORE you get here.  We can have you on the water and fishing immediately upon arrival if you like.  We fished our way out to the 95 and then down to the 1150.  We had our first Sail Fish on the boat within an hour of our boys arrival.  How would you like to leave Dallas in the morning and be hooked up on a Marlin before Noon?  Well that is how we got her done for our Team Texas VIP’S!  We continued to fish our way down to the Gordo area and got a couple nice Stripe Marlin and 1 Wahoo.  We lost the only Dorado that we have even seen in about a month now.  The Dodo was a pretty good sized fish, maybe 35 to 40 pounds.  We were working our Ballyhoo spread on the Adentro Gordo area and then moved to Afuera Gordo to finish up in that area with another Sail.  We were making our move to the Frailes Area to anchor for the night.  About 45 minutes before sunset the short corner went off and Captain Lorenzo Marron was on the rod and in complete control of a BIG FAT Black Marlin.  The fish took the Black and Purple custom lure that David Butler from Texas had made for me and Samurai.  We had angler Michael DeRuby in the chair and everything was going really smooth.  We knew we were hooked up on what could easily be a tournament winning fish. Great way to end the day!  YEAH!!! We had absolutely no problems with this fish, I couldn’t believe how easy things were going.  I decided since everything was going so well that I could go down into the cockpit and shoot some video for our boys of their big fight.  I looked down at the 50 Wide Tiagra on my way from the bridge and noted that it was still full of 80 pound mono.  Cool, no problem.  I looked down to set the camera up and by the time I started to shoot the video our fish made one big leap straight up out of the water.  It was an amazing spectacular jump and the fish was more than double the size of anything we had seen in a while.  This Black Marlin was at least 500 pounds!  I got the camera set up and started to shoot.  I look up and I see Michael who is a big, strong angler in the chair and he has this horrified look on his face.  He looked like he was going to cry and then he did cry “Help, Help, Help the fish is taking all the line!”  Oh don’t worry about anything Michael I said, the gear is designed to handle this type of fish.  No sooner had I said this then I looked again and the fish had cleared all of the mono and the spectra backing was now smoking off the reel.  NO, NO, NO! Hold on Michael, Hold on Michael oh NO, NO, NO!  POP!  In less than 30 seconds all of the line and the spectra backing was gone.  GONE UP IN SMOKE and so was my lucky lure!  So was our Tournament Winning Black Marlin.  UNBELIEVABLE is the only thing we could say here that I can print.  I was so pissed and amazed and grateful and sad and every emotion you can think of was just was pouring out of me.  I couldn’t even begin to try and put this event into words.  You just had to be there to believe it.  It was without a doubt the most exciting and terrible thing that has happened to us on the water in a long time.  KBooomMM!  Good bye Marlin.  Anyways we worked with the boys for another 2.5 days and we were averaging 4 to 5 Marlin/day.  We started averaging 1 Nice Blue Marlin/day from this point on.  We were picking up Striper and Sail fish and pretty good Wahoo also.  I have some photos here that I am posting for you, I hope you enjoy.  Thanks for stopping by and checking out my Cabo Fishing Report.  I am Captain Kenny Busick for The One Baja and Fishing Booker.  I am standing by ready to serve you.  I want to make your Big Game Fishing dreams a Reality.  Give me a call and we will get her done for you too!  Good night and God Bless!  “Let’s get ready to fish em up soon!”  CaptK

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