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Snook, Shark or Tarpon? Yes please!

September 05, 2015 by Shawn Waite

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Luke Smith wanted a fishing charter for his birthday and was hoping for snook or a shark or a tarpon. He caught all 3! The morning started out like many have recently. At first light, gliding across water so smooth it was like my boat was a silk table cloth being pulled across a smooth table.To the East was an amazing sunrise over quiet water that looked like glass. To the West lots of activity with birds everywhere crashing down on lots of baitfish. While the birds attacked from above predator fish attacked from below. The water was boiling with activity. The first cast resulted in an immediate hook up with a ladyfish. Half way to the boat the ladyfish was attacked by something much larger. The reel screamed as line rapidly disappeared off the small spool. We chased the tarpon for about 5 minutes trying to regain some line. Then screaming stopped. The hook had pulled and a scaled ladyfish was reeled in. We continued on and quickly filled the live well with ladyfish to use for more tarpon. After putting out bait on tarpon gear it wasn’t long before a shark took the bait and Luke had the first of the 3 targeted species. Soon after a rod bent completely over and once again a drag was screaming. This time it was a tarpon and it was porpoising at a frantic pace as it was going away in a hurry. It jumped 6 times and was about 150 yards away in no time where it almost jumped into a nearby boat. For the next hour Luke kept repeating that he couldn’t believe he was fighting a tarpon! After a long hard fought battle he had it boat side for a few pictures. Then we moved on to snook. We found them in a frenzied feeding mood too. They were chasing baits and jumping completely out of the water while chasing after them. For a while every bait thrown was attacked multiple times as the baitfish swam back toward the boat. Some were hit and missed, some were stripped off hooks and about a dozen snook were hooked and landed. By then it was scorchingly hot and we had our fill. Another great day on the water!

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