Jan. Fishing on the Kites for Sailfish

January 31, 2015 by Todd Malicoat

Trip Info


January has been a somewhat slow month for pelagics on surface baits, but we have gotten our shots when we put in the time.  Through half a dozen or so trips, we’ve averaged a sailfish or two per trip, and managed to put some folks on their first billfish.  On the 31st, I took a few friends fishing for their first.  We spent the time needed to catch live bait (pilchards and herring) and had live chum baits for the rest of the day.

After no current to the north, we decided to make the run all the way down south to triumph reef area.  There was a shred of current, and the wind conditions were great for flying 2 kites and 6 lines along with some midwater and bottom baits for kingfish and reef fish.  We got our first fish in 100’ of water, and the second in about 90’ just near the end of the day.  What a great reward to see a fish fly across the surface after patiently waiting all day.

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