Hit That! Catches BLUE MARLIN off Miami!

August 22, 2015 by David Neblett

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BLUE MARLIN off Miami!

Incredible day fishing!  Loaded up on gaffer dolphin in the am on a beautiful weed line 12 miles out. Hooked another decent fish, then a school of about 20 dolphin flew through the air. MARLIN chasing them - hitting a few in an crazy aerial display.

Boom—> MARLIN eats the fish we just hooked and its on!!!

Jeremey sets the hook and the fish takes 300 yards before it even knows it’s hooked. 30lb gear rigged for dolphin, so had to fight the fish with finesse. Got the fish leadered in about 45 minutes, but the fish was still very green and made 4-5 runs after that pretty much took the line down to the backing.

After the fish was caught, we took turns on the fish and everyone got a piece of the action and fought the fish. Capt even came down from the tower to put 10-15 minutes of heat on the fish. 120 minutes later, finally got the fish back to the boat for a clean release and an outrageous aerial display.

Great teamwork all around. Headed back to the dock around 1 with 20 gaffer fins and 350# BLUE MARLIN checked off the list.

Hit That!

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