Bonito are getting bigger.

September 22, 2018 by Mike Laubscher

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Tuna (Skipjack)

Bonito are getting bigger.
Fishing Report – Durban – 22 September 2018
It was stunning conditions early this morning with light winds and flat seas when we launched for a short Inshore/Mini Deep trip on Nawty Girl. The forecast was showing a great day. It was not long before the first line went and we ended up the day with 4 nice Bonnies and 1 really nice Skipjack. Water was around 22deg.C. A strong west wind blew for about an hour during our trip and made for a very choppy sea and then all calmed down and the rain set in making us soaking wet by the time we got back to port. Weather forecasts have been so inaccurate of late we can’t even know the night before what the conditions will be the next morning.

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