Destin Fishing Reports

Red Grouper Trip

September 21, 2015 by E. Rogers

Trip Info


We started out this trip with a beautiful sunrise.  The sky looked like it was painted.  I was certain we would have a great day. 
We started out bottom fishing and caught red porgies as well as vermillion snapper and a large scamp.  All total there were about 25 fish.  While fishing we caught a few small squirrel fish and ruby red lips we could use for grouper bait.  We wandered over to a nice grouper spot.  The first drop was a success with a slammed rod.  The nice red came to the surface and everyone was surprised at the size.  He was beautiful!!  The angler was spent and gave the rod to his father.  The second drop was also quick and a second red grouper was pulled up.  What a nice day.

The fish were cleaned and bagged and the Calhoun family went home with some good eats!  Hope you enjoy the fish!!  Come back again so we can slam some more fish!!

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