Fall fishing Islamorada

September 30, 2015 by Ted Benbow

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Fall is a great time for flats fishing in Islamorada and the everglades national park. Permit and bonefish are the targeted speceis in Islamorada, polling the shallow flats while looking for tailing or mudding fish is the preferred way to find and catch these amazingly fighting fish. Back in the Everglades the fishing is also in full swing, redfish, black drum, trout, and snook can be found in the runoffs and channels on the proper tides. Up on the flats in just a few inches of water snook, redfish, and baby tarpon can be found tailing. Using a light weight spinning rod with the preferred bait or a fly rod are the most common ways to cast at these shallow water fish. The Everglades also hold a vast amount of wildlife which are always a great sight to witness.

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Sight fishing involves spotting fish in the water – far easier said than done! Capt. Donnie is one of only 20-30 guides in the area who specialize in this type of fishing. Sight fishing trips are not easy, they are meant for hard core fisherman…