Night Fishing Report, Butler Chain of La

September 30, 2018 by Austin Keaton

Trip Info

The Catch
Bass (Largemouth)

Fishing with Hary from Indonesia

​I was really looking forward to fishing with Hary. He lives in Indonesia and owns his own fishing line company called Duraking. He called me and wanted to do some fishing while he was in town so we loaded up the East Cape Evo and headed to the Butler Chain for the afternoon.
Night Bass Fishing Action in Orlando

​The goal was to get some topwater action and to catch trophy Bass at night on dock lights. Hary put the first fish in the boat using a Booyah topwater frog, and watching the bite was incredible. As the sun began to set we switched spots and put Hary on his first night fishing Bass using a black and blue senko, texas rigged with a 1/4th oz tungsten weight. The key was to drag the bait slow along the bottom to get the bite. Hary put a few more in the boat with this technique. We also caught some nice Bass using the topwater frog around structure in shallower water at night. I was most excited for the dock lights which were the next destination for the night. We pulled up and could see multiple 4-8 pound Bass swimming around the dock lights. They were accompanied by gar, bluegill and other small bait fish. Hary pitched in under the dock and hooked up to the biggest fish there! He did an amazing job fighting the fish from underneath the dock using light line. The fish weighed in at 8 pounds making this Hary’s personal best Bass. We finished off the night watching the Disney fireworks while listening to music on the boat. I really look forward to my next fishing trip with Hary.

Night Bass Fishing Lures, Techniques and Equipment

Texas rigged black and blue creature bait or senko on a 5/0 EWG hook with a 1/4th oz tungsten weight
Black and blue Senko, black and purple Senko, black and purple creature bait, Booyah Frog
Fish dock lights, bridges, and deepwater holes
Braided line in open water to feel the bite as you drag your lure along the bottom
Light line (10-12 pound test) on dock lights. Dock lights allow Bass to see very well at night
I like to use a variety of rods when bass fishing. Each situation will determine the setup I will use. Rods should should range from a 7 foot Medium light all the way to a 8 foot heavy rod. Most of the time I will use a baitcaster, but when using very light line (8-10 Pound test) with small lures I will use my spinning rod for a more subtle presentation. This is especially important on clear water lakes like the Butler Chain of Lakes and Conway Chain of Lakes.
We used my 8 foot heavy Bass Pro Carbonlite baitcaster rod rigged with 65 pound Duraking Line on my Abu Garcia Revo SX 8.0.1 when throwing the Booyah Frog around heavier cover/vegetation, and my 7 foot Bass Pro Extreme baitcaster rods rigged with 10-20 pound braided and fluorocarbon line on my Bass Pro Pro Qualifier reels when targeting lighted docks and bridges.

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