JIG and Casting fishing

September 22, 2015 by Didier Jeanne

Trip Info


On September 22nd, weather report smooth sea in few shaken, with the Pacemaker 40 ’ “DIMEU” I am with Ja as sailor, we leave at first to Tarrafal Santo Antao to get back Paul Loup and Fabio, for a fishing trip in the northwest bank.
Arrived at Tarrafal 8:00 and arrival to the northwest bank 10:45. We sound trays to find finally a rock which rises to 60 meters. There are many of running westward southwest and an a little shaken sea, 2 knots of drift, an important drift.
We begin has Jigger, with Paul Loup an Amberjack of 35 lbs, then a Amberjack of 70 lbs, in Fabio’s tour having changed Jig several times a black sériole 40/50 lbs, the day had left well. We pick up on three big attacks with very certainly big fishes, but twice picked up, once broken line. Now to Paul Loup, a jack fish Pompano African but black of 15/20 lbs, then another Amberjack of 30/35 lbs, without counting various small fishes taken in the JIG, the jack fish (Jack horse-eye), Amberjack, jack fish Mussolini, etc. ..
Towards 14:00 us let us decided to come down to the bank which is the most south / southwest, 9 miles of distance.
We sound to look for heads, high funds,
many at least of running 1 knot, we have jigging in 40/50 meters, not a lot of animation, small fishes 10/14 lbs, we lose two Jigs cut because of wahoos we find a head is 30 meters, in Rappala we make wahoos two quickly. We also take some fishes-surgeon with the on-surface Squid, they were at the edge of the boat!!
On-surface jack fish around the just boat on this 30 meter head, Paul Loup decided to try in the fishing casting with one to Strike 130 red and white Orion, gone up with a trident + a fishhook to JIG in the head. And it left, jack fish on jack fish (Big jack fish Caranx latus / Jack horse-eye), doubled two, incredible, fishes of 15/20 lbs, a real delight, a dozen peach tree quickly, we just lost some time has to find the head of rock, and then in 17:00 we decided to return to Tarafal, we arrive it is 19:00, we remain ½ the hour to speak and to transfer (approximately 400 lbs of fished fishes) 2/3 of the fish on Paul Loup’s boat and then we leave, It’s the night, we arrive at Mindelo has 21:15.
At the end of the day, filled well with enjoyment and with unforgettable memories.
Centro de Pesca do Mindelo / Didier Jeanne
SORRY my english is no perfect !!

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