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October 06, 2015 by Wickus Nel

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Tuesday 6 October 2015 and we back at Robben Island, but this time the primary mission was to get our German clients out there to do some whale watching. It was an easy task as we had flat water and a beautiful morning with clear skies and almost no wind.

Quickly we spotted the first whale and almost immediately our job was done. The whales entertained our guests; non-stop for more than an hour and then we pulled out the rods………..it was time to put the young man behind a rod and show him what it is like to catch your first fish.

Unfortunately Robben tail as we know for the past couple of weeks; wasn’t going to be as easy as spotting whales. With plenty of fish around but with lockjaw, we had our work cut out for us. Same as all the other days we had fish swimming all around the boat, birds working all over the place and fish surfacing more than usual. With the water temperature at 14.5 degrees, we had to get a strike somewhere.

Eventually we cut the motors and Justin and I started to pull out the spinning rods. On my 3rd cast I went vas and handed my rod to the young man only 14 years of age. Very nice size fish and I guided the youngster through the process. Unfortunately he gave too much slack on the braid when the fish was close to the boat and the hook pulled. With disappointment showing all over his face, I told him not to worry, “we will land another one”.

With fish following our lures right to the boat and not committing we decided to get the backlines into the water again. Next moment we went vas again and within minutes we landed his first fish. What a great feeling to see a smile on someone’s face when landing their first fish. I am sure we all can remember the first time we landed our first one and what it felt like.

Not long after we had another strike, but this time on a very small paddle ski setup with 30LB braid and we put the rod back in the hands of our young man. He quickly felt the difference and between smiling and sweating, we could see the joy on his face. He managed to land another one safely with mom cheering in the background.

We ran back at 11:00 with happy faces all around and what started as a whale charter, quickly became the experience of a lifetime for someone that has never caught a fish in his life.

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