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October 13, 2015 by Brant Peacher

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As most of you know, I am now chartering out of a 2400 Blazer Bay offshore series. This means I will be spending a lot more time a couple miles from the beach exploring the phenomenal nearshore fishery that Pensacola has to offer. This past week my clients and I have taken up residence 3 to 6 miles from the pass and as you can see from the pictures below it sure has been fun!

What’s interesting about our fishery as of late is the blue water is in very close to shore. This gives inshore captains like myself the opportunity to put our clients on fish like Mahi and Sailfish that in the past would have never been a target species. This is a refreshing change from our typical king mackerel, Redfish, and Snapper charter. My only hope is that we continue to see this positive change in our fishery for years to come.

Targeting these blue water pelagic’s can be difficult if you aren’t prepared. Yes, Mahi grow at rapid speeds and tend to scarf down whatever you wiggle in front of them, but they can also be very finicky at times. A light leader with a small circle hook and a very lively cigar minnow is my rig of choice. Hitting a chum churn every once in a while doesn’t hurt either. They react extremely well to chum and it tends to trigger a feeding frenzy when used generously.

Below are pictures from my last few reports. I hope this will encourage you to get out on the water and join some of the fun!

See ya on the water
Capt Brant

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