sail fish season is coming

December 19, 2018 by Emir Adventure

Trip Info


we set sail for 7 am we headed to the adventure in search of mahi mahi, after a while we arrived at the area about 8 miles north of isla mujeres to start fishing for mahi mahi, a few minutes after the 1 bait, fish on fish on exclaimed a client with a big smile on his face. a king macarel online after a minute we had it on board, we continued browsing in search of birds that would indicate us that we were in the right area, after about 45 minutes then we had a sail fish after a few jumps we lost it, and we continued until that the birds came back and we were having fun with the beautiful ones in that my sailor tells me wahoo online. we hear the drag of our rod and reel fin-nor loaded with monofilament of 25 pounds and a leader of 60 pounds with hook number 7 of eagle claw, after about 15 minutes we had a delicious wahoo on board. suddenly it comes out in the right short a dorsal fin of beautiful shark mako we enjoyed seeing it, right at that moment 2 beautiful bites that became mako food, after admiring beautiful show we continued fishing until we finally got 2 mahi mahi. at the end of this adventure was to see the smile of our VIP customers.

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