Another Beautiful Day Of Catching

October 18, 2015 by Brian Goldman

Trip Info


Thank you FishingBooker for another great charter. Today I had the privilege to take Dr. Greg Cohen and his lovely wife, Suse, from Iowa. Greg is a avid fisherman and Suse is along for the ride. I knew the day would hold some challenges having been off the water for over a week taking care of my 8 month old son, and hearing reports from other guides of the previous day. However, thanks to a good friend of mine who provided me with some fresh ladyfish he caught the day before, I knew this day held lots of potential. After a short run from the boat ramp we posted up between three small Islands surrounded by mullet. It didn’t take too long before we hooked up with a redfish. That first redfish threw the hook at the boat side. I was hoping that was not a sigh to come We were quickly rewarded with another redfish and of course several catfish. We landed 6 redfish that first spot. The second spot was loaded with mullet and a after a few more kitties we hooked up with landed two more redfish and lost a really nice red under the boat. Overall it was a great day to be on the water! Book your trip today!!

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