December 16, 2018 Río San Juan 2 photos

Trip Summary

Today the conditions were perfect for deep-dropping here on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. Calm seas and a mild current set the stage for some good action just two miles from the harbor. We trolled some small tuna and bonito jigs on the way to our first spot, and caught one small yellowfin tuna and a barracuda, both make good deep-dropping bait!. We also had a good supply of frozen squid on board, always, as a back-up. Our Angler, Michael, brought his own electric reel, and along with our powerful 30 amp electric rig, we were able to successfully drop two rigs at a time. After making several drops in 600 to 700`, we decided to move another mile offshore in the 200 fathom area, where we marked some good fish in 1050` out to 1350`. The first drop produced a nice misty grouper, followed by several silk snappers, locally known as Chillo, delicious eating, as is the grouper. For the rest of our trip we continued to produce good bites on silk snappers and several other species, along with a pretty rare, small six-gilled shark. It was a fun and productive day for all of us onboard, and we are looking to get out there again and discover more new spots.
Randy Rode
Rio-san-juan, Dominican Republic
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