Fun with Nurse Shark

October 14, 2015 by E. Rogers

Trip Info


This trip was for my actual bed and boating charter.  I had everyone get up at a decent hour since the sun is rising later and later.  Everyone participated in getting the ice bagged, bait loaded and packing the boat for the trip. 

The weather was beautiful and the Gulf was finally flat.  We ventured out to the South and hooked up on lots of Vermillion and a variety of other fish.  At one point Andy had a large fish on the line.  He worked diligently to bring the line up carefully until we could see the beautiful nurse shark break the surface.  After the catch he was worn out and had an aching shoulder.  Today was a nice day.

Once the trip was over we ended up getting a case of oysters and opened 6 dozen oysters for dinner.  Some were steamed on the grill and some were raw.  What an awesome day!!!!

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