It's bite time!

October 14, 2015 by Damian Clayton

Trip Info


What a week!
Fishing locally has been good. Big fish and good numbers with a couple of slow days thrown in to make us all appreciate the good days even more.

Good fish in Whangaparaoa Bay, on the Tiri - Kawau line, out off the Noises, down towards Rangi and if you want to burn some gas head out towards Fantail and Goat Bay off Coro. No need to head that far though unless you want work ups to guide you and the fuel bill to boot.

Huge schools of slimies and jack macks are moving into towards Motuora and the snapper, dory and kingfish are with them. The dolphins are charging down these huge bait schools and although its not “work up fishing” the action can be red hot amoungst the bait schools.

Bite times are playing a part in here and the late afternoons have been best. The morning bite is good too but shorter.

All methods will work. The commercial line biats have been in here with us for 3 weeks and working just about every day. What does that tell you….


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