Mad Son, Palm Beach Report

October 30, 2015 by Scott Gaul

Trip Info


There were four Friday regulars today, along with one of the fellas that fished on Tuesday night’s epic adventure, and a friend of his.  We were Luis, Simon, Dale, Bob, and Harvey.  Bob & Harvey haven’t fished the Mad Son often, but they are both clearly experienced fishermen.  The boat was crewed by George & Rohman.

    We trolled for a half hour or so, in search of wahoo, dolphin & tuna, but had no strikes.  George set us up in an area that produced a short cobia on Thursday.  We caught fish often enough that we did not need to move very often.  In fact, I was glad when we did make the first move, so I could break out the ceviche I made the day before out of snapper from the night trip.

    The conditions on this trip were ideal, with seas starting out at a foot or less, gradually getting to two or three feet.  We saw a couple of loggerhead sea turtles, various birds, flying fish, and the sorts of things that make being out on the ocean fun.  Evidently, SFWMD released some water recently , as the water offshore was dirty & had vegetation not usually found out there floating in it.

    This trip produced a lot of short mutton snappers, which should bode well for the future in this area.  We also caught a dozen or more short red groupers, anywhere from 12” to 19”.  They must be at least 20” to keep. 

    We ended up catching over thirty snapper & a strawberry grouper.  Bob & Harvey between them caught most of them, both using light tackle.  They had several rods, rigged with line from 20# test down to 8# test.  I normally would not recommend tackle that light, since there are some nice edible fish that are big enough to laugh at that stuff, but they did well with it.  Harvey did lose one big fish, but it was probably a shark.  One problem with the real light tackle, especially at this time of year is that there can be cobia in the 40 to 60 pound range.  Eight pound gear will not give you the opportunity to see what ate your bait & kicked your butt.

    The snappers we caught were of three varieties, a mutton each for Harvey & me, and about 15 mangroves, & 15 yellowtails.  None of the mangroves were as big as the one Jimmy Lee caught on the night trip, but most were respectable fish, as were some of the yellowtails.

A big “Thank You!” goes out to George & Rohman for putting us on the fish & keeping the baits ready.  George & I had a nice lunch at Lola’s after the trip.  The next exciting deep-sea adventure will be Friday morning, when we celebrate my kid brother’s Medicare birthday.  ~~Greg~~

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