Marlin and Tuna Action on the Runaway

November 02, 2015 by Carlos Murillo

Trip Info


We started really late that day, 10:30am, troll for around a current for like 30 min and nothing came up, then we heard from some friends that other boats just south of our position had found the Yellow fin tuna, so very quick we pulled our lines out of the water and start it running again for another 30 min, this a very good call because sure enough the tunas were there, we troll around the school of dolphin and not even 5 min after that we caught our first tune, it was big or anything like that ( 20-30 pounds) but it was quite a show for our clients because the got to see all the tunas jumping around and mixing up with the dolphins there, any way we caught another 6 after that and decide it to try catching something else, a sailfish, wahoo, mahi or even a marlin maybe so we got away from the tuna spot and troll for a few miles, nothing looked to promising, no debris in the water, birds or bait around us but just as we were getting to head back to the tuna spot a big splash behind one of our short teasers (right side), every body in the boat then new that a marlin was right there and it was hungry, our mate got to the chair, grab our marlin reel ( 50 pound penn international VRS model) that we always have ready in stand by for when that happens and put it in the water, by them the marlin had strike 2 or 3 more times at our teaser, we pull the teaser out of the water and our mate hooked’m, IT WAS A DONE DEAL AFTER THAT, 45 min later we released him, a nice black marlin, we guest it been at around 300-350 pounds.

that was pretty much our short day, can wait to go out again and get some of that action again.

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