Drift Fishing, Mad Son, West Palm Beach

November 06, 2015 by Scott Gaul

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Fishing Report 11/06/2015

    We had a full boat slated, but one of our guys had to back out at the last minute.  His young son ran a very high fever all night, & the family spent the night at the hospital.  He will be fine, apparently, but that stuff can get scary.  Best wishes to Simon & family.

    The 5 of us were Luis,  Dennis, Bill from south Jersey , and my brother Tom, who just had a birthday yesterday.  Nothing makes a man feel old like having his kid brother become eligible for Medicare.  The Mad Son was run by Captain George, with assistance from Rohman.  No trolling this morning, just right out to about a hundred feet of clear Atlantic water to set up our first drift.  The snapper bite has been hot lately, and while I started out a little slow, the bite was good again today.

    On most trips, one can drop a bait down, hit bottom, then continue to let line out as the boat drifts, and a bite will most often come hard, with line running off the reel at a much faster rate.  Today, there were a few bites like that, but most were much more subtle, and we had to pay close attention.  We caught a couple of short red groupers, and one short black grouper, along with several short mutton snappers. Ah, but we caught our share of keepers as well.  We accounted for 30 keeper fish, most of them nice snappers of four varieties, mutton, mangrove, yellowtail, and vermilion.  Among the edibles were also porgies, strawberry groupers, and a rainbow runner.

Everyone caught something, some more than others.  All enjoyed the trip.

    The conditions were reasonable, with seas in the 3 to 4 foot range, an easterly breeze, and warm, but not uncomfortable temperatures.  It will be a while before we see a beautiful ocean sunrise again due to going off daylight savings time last weekend.

    Thanks to George & Rohman for putting us on good fish & keeping the baits ready.  The crew joined my brother Tom, Bill & me for a nice lunch at Lola’s.  The next exciting deep-sea adventure will be next Friday morning.  ~~Greg~~

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