Mad Son, Palm Beach Report, Night Drift

November 10, 2015 by Scott Gaul

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Nov. 10, 2015

On this particular trip there was no moon at all. Knowing this we still set out with a mixed group of six. Four of which has fished with me many of times and two from the Orlando area. The group was very optimistic to fish this night and I’m glad they were. We left the dock around 6:30pm, and steamed out in the dark, as I hit the inlet, it was pitch black with a few container ships anchored up on the south side of the inlet, which was the only light you could see as looking offshore. We headed north to our first destination, just about two miles northeast of the Palm Beach Inlet. As we set up the drift, I noticed there was no drift, so we tried out our slider rigs in the hope that it wouldn’t matter and the fish would cooperate. To my discouragement they weren’t biting at all. At that point my mate Rohman said, “I’ll start rigging chicken rigs up”. As he was busy doing that, I started up an ran to an area that I knew snapper were a little more abundant. Just a couple miles away from our first drift, I stopped on a piece that I knew they were there, and hoped they were hungry, it was going to be a very long night if they weren’t. The first drop, it took a second, then everyone started hooking up, from that point on we had non-stop action till the last line was reeled in at 10:00 pm. In no time we limited out on mangrove snapper, 40 count, we then had to throw back the mangroves from that point forward. Constant rods bent and the crew non-stop baiting hooks, cutting bait, and tying knots, the snapper were pouring over the rail. Yellowtails, a lot of keeper and throw back muttons, lanes, vermilions, porgy’s, you name it, if it was a bottom dweller we caught it!! With well over 100 snapper plus species caught, we went back to the dock with worn out anglers and crew, but the hustle didn’t stop there, we cleaned and bagged 74 keepers (6 away from the boat limit of 80) of quality. Seems like the night bite is where it is at, no matter the phase of the moon. Thanks for taking the time to read this report. Feel free to call to enquire on a night trip.    Thanks again, Capt. George “Tight Lines”

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