Mad Son Fishing, Palm Beach Report

November 13, 2015 by Scott Gaul

Trip Info


Friday the thirteenth may seem like the wrong day to go fishing, but I have fished a lot of them, and have always had good trips on that date.  Captain George took a break this weekend & headed down to the Ten Thousand Islands to do some camping, relaxing, and what else…fishing.

Captain Carlos filled in for him, doing a fine job, with Rohman performing the mate duties quite well.

    My friend & neighbor Ted was at my house a little after 6:30 .  We loaded his gear in my van, and left Loxahatchee, stopping briefly at Lott’s to pick up a box of chum before hitting the marina about 6:30 .  We were met by Luis, then a couple from Austria , Thomas & Petra, staying here with his uncle.  It’s their first visit to the U.S.  We waited until 7:00 for one more, but he never showed.

    Carlos took us out & north a little to set up our first drift in about a hundred feet.  The seas were 2 feet or less, visibility such that bottom could be seen in 80 feet, with very little current.  We fished various depths between 75 & 160 feet, with the shallower depths being more productive.

    Petra caught the first fish, but her very nice sized yellowtail snapper had all but its head removed by a shark, or perhaps some other toothy critter.  More on that later.  I got hooked up early on, but whatever it was bit through the leader rather quickly.  There were several other fish lost to sharks as well.

  About midway through the trip, Thomas hooked himself a nice porgy, and we watched a 50# class lit up wahoo help itself to the aft six inches of the fish.  Captain Carlos tried a diamond jig for a few minutes, but I doubt the tackle would have held up to that fish anyway.

    The flat line rig went off, & I took it, bringing a nice twelve pound or so kingfish to gaff.  It will be smoked & become fish dip.

    We did not slam the snappers like we have the last few trips, but we picked away at them pretty well.  Everyone caught enough fish for a meal or three, and we all enjoyed the trip, the weather (though a little hot), and the company.  We accounted for 2 mutton snappers, 3 mangroves, 3 yellowtails, a vermilion snapper, a red porgy 3 jolt head porgies, and a couple of fair sized grunts, along with the king mackerel.  There were a lot more bent rods than that, though, as we caught several short red groupers & mutton snappers, along with a variety of fish that were either protected or inedible.  Thanks to Carlos & Rohman for finding the fish & keeping us in bait.

    Ted & I enjoyed a nice dolphin sandwich & a brew at Lola’s on the way home.  The next exciting deep-sea adventure will be Friday morning, weather permitting.  ~~Greg~~

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