Big snapper out deeper in the Gulf

November 16, 2015 by Damian Clayton

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We have had some spectacular weather! Variable winds with calm seas have meant we can travel in comfort to some of the deeper snapper fishing the Gulf has to offer. Scattered work ups with dolphins pushing the bait around the surface and gannets raining in have been the thing to look for but even on the days when the work ups have moved or have finished there is still pretty good fishing.
Long drifts using soft baits and slow jigs has been the go with the best colours being green and orange colours. We have also been getting a few nice snapper on the yellow Bruised Banana and the pale Motor Oil bait from the Zman range. Oddly enough it has been the smaller soft baits that have been getting the bigger fish. In about 30-40m we are able to get these down on a 3/8 jig head but require an once jig head in the deeper water and even more if the drift is fast.
When we are using the Ocean Angler Sliders we run a 30lb fluorocarbon leader which we keep at about a rod length long and for soft baits we drop down to 16-20lb leader. Keeping things light is the key to getting lightly weighted soft baits down in these depths. The sliders are either 80 or 100 grams depending on depth and drift speed and the 30lb leader is enough to handle most abrasions from the head sliding along the leader. We have seen quite a few of the Catch branded kabura jigs lost again this season though and we put this down to the connecting cord and knot getting more abrasion than the Sliders and breaking off. We tend to avoid these lures because of this.
Micro jigs have been working well too when we have fished in closer but it can be difficult to give these light 20-40gr jigs enough bottom time out deeper so we switch up to a heavier 60-200gr knife jig. Just about any colour will work but keep in mind there are still a few large barracouta around out wider and you want to make sure you check your connecting knot, leader and cords if you encounter these toothy destroyers of tackle.
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Tight lines and screaming braid!
Captain Damo

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