What happens in San Juan Bay...

November 25, 2015 by Rafael Apellaniz

Trip Info

The Catch
Jack Crevalle

Fishing in the bay has been OK. On Wednesday, I received Ryan and Leticia from Las Vegas. Leticia made the reservation and I recommended that day. It was 2 days out of full moon with a 9 am high tide and with the lots of rain during that week I expected a good bite. I always, I went out early and got bait, greenies (Thread fin herring) was on the menu. We dropped baits at around 7:15 am and within 5 minutes the bite was on! By 9:15 am we had hooked, fought and release 3-3 Tarpon, 3-3 Jack Crevalle and 1-1 very respectable 20+  lbs. Snook. I guess as it is said in Las Vegas, what ever happens in San Juan Bay, Stays in San Juan Bay…

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