Thanksgiving at the lake.

November 26, 2015 by Sidney Silberberg

Trip Info

The Catch
Bass (Largemouth)

My family and I celebrated Thanksgiving at the lake.
We got there on Wednesday early afternoon and my son and I headed right for the lake. There was a definite chill in the air but the water was fairly calm and we had bundled up pretty well so we headed out to the west side. In less then an hour and a half we had double hook ups and a total of eight bass from three to five pounds. We headed back to the house to warm our frozen bodies but were very happy with our catch (see photos).
Thanksgiving morning my son’s friend Steve joined us but this time the water was not calm. There were white caps all the way to the Narrows and let me tell you it was a rough ride but we made it and the water was calmer.
We started fishing heading towards the dam and we started hitting nice size bass almost immediately.
We fished for a couple of hours till we couldn’t take the cold any longer and headed across to the west side towards home and trolled our way in using crankbaits #1 color was silver and blue and 2nd choice was chartreuse and green.
We tried top water with no luck. Luckily the white caps worked in our favor as they pushed us in. We had a great time and landed limits and now we were heading to the house for a scrumptious feast (see photos). It was a great couple of days and I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

‘til next time…good fishing!

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