Girl Powah

December 04, 2015 by Damian Clayton

Trip Info

The Catch
Salmon (Australian)
Snapper (Pink)

A keen young group of girls eagerly boarded the boat at 7:30am along with the 3 “masterbaiters”. The sun was shining, the sea was flat and we headed out into the Hauraki Gulf to put the girls onto some fish. Terry (one of the masterbaiters) had also entered the girls into a local fishing tournament and the brief was to get the girls into snapper and what ever else might come along during the day and to collect some prizes at the event afterwards.
Needless to say with 9 attractive women fishing and fishing well I might add there was a lot of fun had.
The girls bait fished with NZ pilchards and squid along with fresh caught bait that we caught during the day.
I’ll let the photos do the talking….

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