Kabura jigging nails big snapper

December 03, 2015 by Damian Clayton

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The Catch
Salmon (Australian)
Snapper (Pink)

Recently we ran a prize draw for a free fishing trip on Diversity through our facebook page “It’s catching on” and the prize winner was invited along with some of our regular clients for a day out in the Gulf. Naomi had never done a charter before although she has fished before with her family.

We headed out to an area famous for its extensive worm beds and upon arrival we were greeted with other charter boats from both Auckland and our base at Gulf Harbour. They were all anchored and bait fishing and seemed to be catching too so we started our first drift over what looked like pretty scattered schools of snapper on the sounder.
It wasn’t long before we were hooking into snapper and small kingfish using both baits (NZ pilchards) and Ocean Angler Sliders which are a kabura style jig. The jigs were clearly out fishing the baits and before long pretty much all of the crew were fishing with jigs. The orange slider was again the pick of the colours and this too was the pick of the colours for the few Jitterbugs (inchiku jigs) we were using as well.

Naomi was regularly hooking good snapper and it wasn’t long before she was outfishing the lads! We also had a bloke from the UK onboard who had not done a lot of sea fishing so he was enjoying the experience too. Our regular anglers were working hard to catch up with Naomis’ catch rate but she ended up with the biggest snapper of the day.

I swapped out the 20lb fluorocarbon leader for 30lb leader as the bite increased and the fishing became more hectic. I find with kabura style jigs there can be quite a bit of wear on the connecting points and where the lure head slides along the leader so keep a pretty close eye on these during a session. Anything that looks even a little suspect gets the snip and retied.

After a few drifts the bins were full and we headed for home with the catch iced down.

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