Tarpon, Snook, Cudas, Snapper and Sharks

December 13, 2015 by David Moloney

Trip Info

The Catch
Barracuda (Great)
Jack Crevalle
Snapper (Mangrove)
Jack (Horse-eye)
Shark (Blacktip)

We had a bit of a rainy day to say the least but we made it happen. We started off getting soaked by storms and then getting soaked again. After pushing a few flats for Barracuda, which was good but difficult to see. We landed three big cudas. We decided to find bait and try to get out of the open and find Tarpon. We did just that, we caught one Tarpon and jumped two others. We then began to catch snappers on live bait and lures. I couldn’t believe the size of the snapper we were catching but they just kept getting bigger. The biggest was 6 pounds which is very large for inshore fishing. We ended up throwing back many fish under 4 pounds and kept several big ones for my client’s dinner. We had a big fish on that I can only assume was a monster Snook, it took us for a ride for a while but in the end found its way in the trees and snapped off. We then caught two snook that were smaller but still great size for the Keys. With Jacks and Sharks over 8 foot mixed in our day was non stop action and we headed home with a great catch and many great stories. Come fish with me, Captain Dave on Grateful Dave Charters. The winter time fishing is in full effect.

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