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Fall Fishing Report

December 09, 2015 by Garrett Lacy

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Black Drum
Spotted Seatrout

It certainly has been a memorable fall this year. While we have had some crazy weather, and we have also had some great fishing trips! Isle of Palms Fishing Charters will continue to get even better with the coming winter. With that being said, this time of year is my favorite time of the year to live in the South Carolina Lowcountry. The cooling temperatures makes it pleasant to be outside and on the water. The local scenery is beautiful, especially with all of the changing colors. The best part about that is the fish seem to like it too! Call about your Isle of Palms Fishing Charter today.
The Redfish have begun to school up in shallower water in good numbers. We’ve been catching them on Live, Dead, and Artificial baits. This makes a great day of Fishing when they’re hungry!  The Trout are eating well and we are catching some grown ones. Many Seatrout have been falling victim to not only live bait, but also DOA Shrimp and Z-Man Elaztech Baits. Black Drum and Sheepshead are also holding structure and tearing up the shrimp and crab. All fish tend to be extremely happy this time of year! With fall dwindling down and winter approaching, we should have some more Stellar Fishing Days!

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