Panama City Fishing Reports

Piñas Bay, Billfishing charter!

January 08, 2015 by Panama GEM Charters

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Best fishing in Panama is around 80 nautical miles south from Panama City. Theres where the real mosnter are, no only in size, but also species. Marlin are a spacialty here, we went for 3 days to celebrate a birthday with lots of fishing style… The actual fishing ground we fished is called the explisves, its the main continetal drop where the sea bed goes from 300ft to 10,000 feet in less than 3 miles in stright line, crazy upwelling and super marked drift lines. We caught 3 marlins and unfortunetly had a tail wrap on the last one. However like always in this situations all the meat was saved and nothing went to waste. We also got some moster Mahi action!

good fishing good times!

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