trolling and deep sea fishing

December 21, 2015 by Najeeb Ur Rehman

Trip Info

The Catch
Barracuda (Great)
Snapper (Yellowtail)

we left the doc at 12 noon , on the way to our spot we had some drinks, snacks enjoyed the songs and laughs, we started trolling at the spot for at least on and a half hour we could get nothing but then we got our first catch that was a 12 kg queen fish, an amazing catch it was and we all where jumping high, we got some more queen fish and snapper and cat fish while trolling and the we started bottom fishing, in bottom fishing we god some grouper, sherry, hammour, snappers and then it stopped we where not getting any more fish so we decided to change the spot we went to another spot through our GPS and fish finder and we started fishing there, our hooks started getting broken pressures where heavy we realized its a area full of barracudas we changed the hooks tried again and got one after one barracudas till we had enough. we where all extremely happy yet extremely tired, so we decided to head back to pavilion, heading back we all had some rest lying on the couches have fresh breezy sea air and came back to jumeirah dock being fresh.

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