Mad Son Drift Fishing, West Palm Beach

December 22, 2015 by George Bradbury

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Dolphin (Mahi Mahi)

Fishing Report December 22, 2015

There are a couple of reasons for a Tuesday trip, one being that Friday is Christmas, the other being I wanted to get Marty out again before he heads back to Connecticut tomorrow. He & I were joined by stalwarts Luis & Simon, and Gloria & her son Shane. He lives in Maine , she has taken up residence here.

The wind was blowing around 20 knots out of the southeast when I arrived at the marina. The guys caught 3 dolphin yesterday trolling in about 200 feet, so we did a bit of that before going for the reef dwellers. Good thing, too, as we did manage to get one cow mahi on ice. The bottom fishing started off quite slow for me, though the others caught a few, including three or four short red groupers. It was a little after eight before I caught my first fish, a short mutton snapper. Later, though, I managed to ice down 2 keepers, one about 4 pounds. There were three keeper triggerfish caught, the first by Shane, a nice sized fish. There were about ten porgies caught, a strawberry grouper and a yellowtail snapper. I caught a 4 pound puddingwife, and gave it to Captain George to try. The one I kept a trip or two back turned out to be tasty.

Simon hooked a big fish & fought it a couple of minutes before it got a lot smaller. He reeled in a small remora which probably grabbed his bait, then attached itself to a big shark. Amazing how strong that suction device on the remora’s head is. Shortly after that happened, I hooked a big fish, and should have had it, but made a mistake that cost me. I was using my new reel, loaded with 400 yards of 30# P Line. The reel’s drag maxes out at 15 pounds. During the fight, which was, for the most part watching line peel off the reel & holding on, I tightened the drag. The line would not be stressed enough to break, but the added tension caused the hook to pull. The leader was abraded a little within a foot of the hook, leading us to believe it was not a shark, but may have been a cobia. I will not make that mistake again.

We trolled on the way back in, out deep again, and caught another nice cow dolphin.

Thanks a bunch to George & Rohman for doing their jobs quite well, and for giving us an extra hour of fishing time. Marty & I had a nice lunch at Lola’s. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to everyone. The next exciting deep-sea adventure will be Friday morning January 8th. ~~Greg~~

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