Good Sail fish Action for christmas

December 23, 2015 by Carlos Murillo

Trip Info

The Catch
Marlin (Blue)
Tuna (Yellowfin)
Marlin (Striped)

Hi Everybody, well it’s been a crazy week for the runaway lately, we have been fishing a lot and have been getting lots of action, our day on Christmas eve start it a little slow due to the tide we beveled with only 1 sailfish bite all morning but boy did things turn around later on, about 11:30am we spot it a bunch of birds and dolphins jumping around about 4 miles from where we were so we start it to head that way to check things out, sure enough as we were approaching the school of dolphins we notice that there was something else jumping around, yellofin tuna ( 100 pounders or more) so we start it working around it and got our first tuna bite, caught 2 small ones right away ( 20 plus pounders), and no later than 10 minutes later got a big hit on a right long islander we usually troll for tuna on a 50 pound Penn VRS reel, took us 40 minutes till we could see some color about 15 ft below the boat, everybody was screaming cause we had it but the fish wasn’t going to give up that easy, as the fish start it to come even closer we notice that our customer on the line was done and all he want it was to get things over with and since the fish wasn’t give any more line no more he went full drag on the reel and as you can imagine the fish broke the line and got away, ( who wants a big tuna right? jajajajaja), but that’s not all, when we finally got over with the tuna and the insane story we just lived we put all our lines back in the water and headed out of the tuna spot to try catching something else, (we were to disappointed to try for tuna again) after that we caught another sailfish, a blue marlin ( 250 plus pounds) and a striped marlin, so we finish the day whit 2 SMALL tunas, 2 sailfish and 2 marlin.

Letting go a 100 plus pound yellow fin tuna ( X ) done.

Thank you very much and please don’t ask me about that tuna story ever ( jajajaja)

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