Dorados and Sailfish caught Punta Cana

January 02, 2016 by Pedro Guerrero

Trip Info

The Catch
Dolphin (Mahi Mahi)

We were out fishing for a new year 2016 adventures, we got on board about 8:25 am from El Cortecito Bavaro, we ran the boat for about 10 minutes to reef and cross the pass, we cleared reef around 9:20 am then we started preparing the equipment, lines in the water 10 minutes later. We moved from west to the east following the currents about 45 minutes later we had our first strike it was a little female Dorado( Mahi Mahi), we were a bit happy for our first hit and put lines again in the water and find a big floating plastic thing, then we moved in circle and had two lines hooked at once, at this time we had 2 dorados again but in bigger size about 35 pounds each, back again lines in the water and not more strikes, we kept moving to the east side and about 2 hours later we had our last strike it was a sailfish with almost 50 pounds, it was released because of it small size. Condition in Punta Cana still agreeable with temperature of 28 Celsius 82 F. Wind from the east from 3 to 5 mph.

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