Eastern Fields Expedition 2015

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Eastern Fields Expedition
1 - 7 February 2015
Anglers on board: 4

Report written by Angus Donald.

Eastern Fields – Round 2
During our first visit to Eastern Fields in late November last year with Mark Harris, we had only explored less than 30% of the entire reef system due to the strong south easterly winds which was unfortunate and also because of the size of the reef. Eastern fields is such a massive system, in comparison. The entire City of Port Moresby including its outer laying suburbs is approximately 143 square kilometres. Eastern Fields boasts a massive 525 +/- square kilometres so that tells you this is not a reef to be underestimated. After fishing here twice and fishing all over PNG, I personally believe Eastern Fields has the potential to be one of the best new locations to be offered to serious GT and Dog tooth hunters who are looking for a new destination where it’s just not easy to get to. This is a place you go to where there is absolutely no one but yourself, your mates and a floating hotel - Mothership ‘K20’.

Nevertheless we are glad to announce the completion of stage 2 exploratory to Eastern Fields with satisfying results with our Japanese clients.

GT captures: 41kg, 45kg, 38kg, 35 kg numerous 25 – 30kgs
Dog Tooth: 40kg, 30kg
Moari Wrasse: 15kg
Coral Trout: 16kg, 12kg, 3 x 10kgs.

We would like to introduce Eastern Fields to the worlds sport fishery as one of the ultimate destinations within the coral sea.

Our intentions are only to fish Eastern Fields and Port locks reefs less than 4 to 6 times are year in order to keep it pristine.

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