Wahoo Bite is Wide Open in Cabrera

January 01, 2016 by Randy Rode

Trip Info


We fished just a few miles offshore on New Year`s Day, 2016, catching plenty of 15 to 20# wahoo on light tackle. The wahoo were aggregated around the fish attracting devices we have put out along the coast, anywhere from 1,000` of water depth out to 3,000`. These FADS really hold the fish! Along with the wahoo, there was some good action on medium-sized Dorado. This year is starting off HOT! Last year the entire month of January was calm and this year promises to be the same. Today the winds are light out of the NE, around 5 knots, which are the perfect conditions to bring more fish into our area.
Next week I go and visit the final stages of construction of our new boat, “VAMOS”, which will be coming here to the North Coast within a few weeks for final outfitting and then SPLASHDOWN! This will be a great day for North Coast Sportfishing. We will be able to go farther, faster and in more comfort and carry more fishermen! Stay tuned to Fishingbooker.com for the latest up-dates on the progress of the new boat.

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