Tails, Tails, and more Tails!!

January 08, 2016 by Brian "Bucky" Goldman

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The Catch

I met Robert and his lovely wife Nicole early Friday morning. It was a rainy day and luckily I brought my rain gear. I had an extra pair for each of them. This was to be their first experience flats fishing and their last hoorah before the baby comes!! I picked up some live shrimp we headed out to the boat ramp. Once we got it the water and putted out of the Canal we made a very short run to tuck behind an island that typically holds fish this time of year. I poled to the skiff while they threw artificial for about ten minutes when I noticed some terns working. I knew they had to be on top of tailing reds. I made them put the artificial rods up and grabbed two rods with bait hooks. Threw on a live shrimp and started to pole towards the birds. Sure enough, when we got a little closer we could see dozens of reds tailing and not just there. As far as I could see there were small schools of tailing redfish. We quickly doubled up, took some pictures, re-baited, and doubled up again.  The next red was a solo red followed by another double hook up. 7 reds in less than an hour. The fish became wiser and the winds picked up. We still managed to hook up with three more reds, don’t forget that it was lightly raining most of the time.  We cut our day a little short because of the threat of a major storm heading our way. As we entered the canal there were dozens of dolphin and manatees that really seem to delight Nicole. Another great trip of bagging reds. Book you trip today!!

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